Where the Queer World and the Wellness World Unite

Kaitlyn Morrison



Well and Queer was built from the simple desire of wanting to experience inclusive wellness spaces. After receiving my Health Coaching Certificate in 2019, I jumped into the healing world only to witness the lack of representation of queer, fat, BIPOC, and disabled humans. As a white, thin, able bodied, cisgendered woman myself, I was oblivious to my own privilege at the time. While being a queer person, however, I still felt unseen.

I realised how important it is to have healers, leaders, and role models who actually represent who each of us are, who YOU are. So I wanted to create a place for those who could. 

My mission is to make wellness available for everyone, while speaking to everyone. My approach is inclusive and vulnerable, with the intention of leaving you with a new perspective on topics we all should care more about.

This is a safe space to feel heard, get inspired, and grow.

I'm your number one optimistically-skeptical-wellness-queer guide, and I believe that with the power of community, communication, and a bit more awareness, we can create a pretty beautiful life. 


I'm also always learning, and listening, so hit my insta dm's up (or email), and reach out if you'd like to further any conversation.


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Making wellness available for everyone.


An online wellness space that connects gals, gents, and non binary folx just like you! A space that questions the latest health trend, encourages individuality, promotes realness, and helps you feel just a little bit more understood in this journey called life.


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